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Ryan Sutherland - Ivy Confident Founder

Hello and welcome to Ivy Confident!

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to guide you through your academic journey and help you achieve your goals of gaining admission to your dream school. As an expert in the college application and admissions process, I am passionate about fostering a dynamic and engaging learning environment that is tailored to your unique needs.

Whether you’re seeking assistance on the Common Application, preparing for an interview, locating scholarships, or simply aiming to deepen your understanding of the complicated college admissions process for US or UK universities, I am here to offer my support and expertise. Having over seven years of experience as a college admissions reader at Ivy League institutions and counseling hundreds of students through the undergraduate and graduate college application process (and even asked to give presentations at the US Embassy), I am confident that we can work together to boost your chances of admission.

You don’t have to do it alone. Ivy Confident is here for you!

I look forward to embarking on this educational adventure with you. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions, concerns, or specific learning objectives you have in mind. Let’s work together to unlock your full application potential and pave the way for a successful application cycle.

Best regards,

Ryan Sutherland, Ivy Confident Founder


Personalised Professional Academic Tutoring on Your Schedule

Why Choose Ivy Confident

Personalized Learning, 1-on-1 Guidance

I tailor my tutoring approach to match each student's unique needs and learning style, providing tailored 1-on-1 guidance and lesson plans.

Flexible Scheduling

I offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate students' busy lifestyles and varying academic needs.

Quick turnaround

I am committed to returning edits and comments in a timely manner to ensure your deadlines are met!

Parent Involvement

I encourage the involvement of parents in the learning process! After all, it takes a village.

Expert Guidance

With seven years of experience in university admissions (including in the Ivy League!), I have a proven track record of helping driven students have a successful college admissions cycle and get accepted to their dream schools.

Holistic Approach

I help students not only with their college admission essays, but in preparing for mock interviews, tailoring their activities and resumes, selecting recommenders, and building confidence, study skills, and critical thinking abilities that extend well beyond our time together.


I am dedicated to keeping our prices lower than competitors. I understand how expensive the college admissions process can be, and am dedicated to working with students to ensure that cost is not a barrier to admissions.

What Students and Parents Say About Us

I was having difficulty coming up with ideas for my PA School supplemental essay and Ryan helped me a lot. After writing the essay, Ryan went over it with me and helped me clean up any grammatical errors and polish the wording as well. Overall really helpful and highly recommended if you are having trouble with applications because he definitely knows what he’s talking about.

Really helpful! Lauren, 2 lessons with Ryan

Ryan definitely exceeded my expectations as a tutor. I contacted him for a last minute session and he was able to help me with my cover letter and discuss how it could be improved. He is very knowledgeable and knows how to get your cover letter elevated to the next level. Above all, he is very kind!! He makes you feel at ease and is never judgemental of your own writing 🙂 ---which truly makes a great tutor. I guarantee that you would not regret booking a session with Ryan!

Kind, dedicated and patient tutor!! Ari, 5 lessons with Ryan

Ryan is an amazing tutor! He helped me so much on a tight deadline. He helped me bring my voice to my application. Ryan also helped me throughout the whole process of the graduate applications. I would totally recommend him.

Knowledgeable and patient tutor Abeera, 5 lessons with Ryan

Ryan's great! He possesses great intuition for highly effective essay writing & structure. He helped me express my ideas on another level! Definitely consider him if you need that next "push" in your writing.

Highly effective essay tutor! Madeline, 1 lesson with Ryan

After a number of incompetent writing tutors, I lost hope in trying to find someone who can truly help me. I decided to give Ryan a chance, and I am super super glad I did. I really wish I met him earlier. I am in the process of applying to graduate schools, and he has been helping me brainstorm, edit, and revise all my essays. Ryan has experience reviewing college applications, so he has insight on what the admission committee looks for. He makes sure that I answered the prompts, in a creative and unique way. He helped make my sentences more concise and eloquent as well as helped me with spelling, grammar, and syntax. Ryan genuinely puts all his effort to ensure that he is producing the best quality work. Plus he is very accommodating. Most importantly, he does not waste your time, and you definitely get your money's worth and more!!! I have had two sessions with him. I am booking my third one this week. And I will probably book Ryan for another 2-3 sessions. He will be the only tutor from now and on that I go back to. Thank you so much Ryan!!!

Best writing tutor ever! Diane, 6 lessons with Ryan

Creative writing has never been my strong suit, and I was struggling with my personal essay for college. Ryan however worked patiently with me to craft a beautiful and elegant essay that conveyed exactly what I wanted to say but couldn’t. As a prior Yale admissions officer, Ryan was able to help me avoid all the pitfalls. If you need someone to give comprehensive edits and great ideas, Ryan is the perfect fit.

Simply amazing editor Stephanie, 21 lessons with Ryan

Ryan is highly knowledgeable about the requirements and expectations of graduate programs. His prior experience as a Yale MPH student and applicant allowed him to provide clear advice and instructions on how to craft an impactful personal statement. Ryan's friendly demeanor throughout the process was a key contributor to collaborative and fruitful sessions, where he focused on editing the statements for style, content, grammar/sentence flow, and impact. Would certainly recommend Ryan to anyone looking to write a compelling argument for graduate admissions.

Friendly and knowledgeable tutor Ravi, 3 lessons with Ryan

Working with Ryan on my personal statement for medical school was game-changing. His genius, aptitude, and talent made all the difference for the most central document for my application. After only one brainstorming session he was able to help transform my story into an absolute masterpiece. He was attentive, diligent, and thorough to the most fundamental elements of my narrative. He took notes, asked questions, and probed me to excavate my most important storylines. Additionally, he completed his own research to provide the statement with contextual information to better connect the hook to my academic interests. Overall, I am more than pleased with Ryan’s attention to detail and care. I would highly recommend him to family, friends, and classmates.

Attentive and thorough career development tutor! Zoe, 5 lessons with Ryan

Ryan was incredible and made really good edits to my daughter's Common App Essay. We had tried several people, but his were by far the most useful and well crafted edits. Definitely worth the price, no comparison to anyone else!

College Essay Editing Kerri, 4 lessons with Ryan

Ryan did an amazing job editing my essays. I recommend him with no reservations. Ryan is thorough, easy to work with, and accommodating to schedules. His editing is both substantive and stylistic, and he is able to show one's self-awareness without sounding either self-deprecating or arrogant—perfectly balanced, sensitive without pandering. The work I did with Ryan helped me take my essays to the next level, but more than that, I believe that working with him will also pay off in my ability to respond effectively in upcoming admissions interviews. He is highly professional and has a lot of knowledge about the college admissions process. I recommend him.

Exceptional! J, 3 lessons with Ryan